Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flight to Hong Kong

Friday was a panicked blur as I attempted to fit in last minute tasks before our departure overseas. In the morning we said goodbye to our 7 month old puppy, leaving him with the in-laws and their two cavalier king charles. B returned home, but I had a day at work, though I arrived late. The farewell lunch for my move to Maquarie University and Darren's to a new job was a pleasant chance to meet with my friends for the last time in a month. If not for that I would probably have been too immersed in work to talk.

The afternoon included a last minute dash to Epping to pick up a replacement ATM card that had arrived just in time for the trip. Then I packed away the last of my papers and said goodbye. As I walked down the path to Epping station for my train ride to the airport I felt like my journey had begun.

I have always felt that evenings are the best time to begin a journey. The day is over and the mystery of the night about to begin. I was glad to be leaving Sydney that night, the sticky, humid air my least favoured of climatic conditions.

Eventually B turned up, her brother driving her to the airport after a day off work. We had alredy checked in over the internet and just had to pickup our boarding passes and drop off our bags, two packpacks.

I had never flown Cathay Pacific and overall I was impressed. Unfortunately I was only able to obtain window seats near the rear of the plane, so we felt every little bump. Worse was the knowledge that the movement is always bigger at the rear and the fear of that unexpected air pocket that would drop us metres in seconds. It never came, but it was a moderately rough flight with the seat belt sign turned on a couple of times mid-flight.

At least the air was fresh the entire flight and the flight attendents very helpful. Neither of us ate the late supper. B slept, as usual, but I had at most half an hour. Instead I watched the seat-back entertainment, often unclear due to the excessive recline of the passenger in front of me. I saw South Park (lets go ninjas!), Little Britain, Office Space and Night at the Museum. The humour certainly helped to pass the time, I hope my laughter didn't disturb anyone.